Waar elke kind vlerke kry om te vlieg en wortels om te groei/Where every child gets wings to fly and roots to grow

23 Jul

Dear Parents


The photos taken before the lockdown were handed out to the children during the week.

Parents are kindly requested to continue to pay their school fees. The school still has fixed expenses and we do not want to lose teachers and increase class sizes. Thank you for your co-operation and understanding.

Enrolment forms for NEW LEARNERS in Grade R-7 IN 2021 will be at the security at the main gate. The closing date for new entries for 2021 is 31 July 2020. No child’s place is guaranteed, the governing body makes the final decision.
Current learners from Grade R – 7 will receive re-registration forms at a later date.

5. COVID 19
Please note the following arrangements:

  • Parents MUST WEAR MASKS when they drop off or pick up their children.
  • Grade R-3 parents must complete their child’s passport every morning and it must be at school with your child every day.
  • Parents, please be punctual when picking up your child. According to the Covid-Policy, once your child has left the school ground he/she is no longer the responsibility of the LSL staff. No children or parents are allowed on the school grounds after the school is closed.
  • No sport or culture activities are allowed during Covid-19.
  • Only 50% of our learners are allowed on the school premises daily.
  • The school is inspected daily by the Department of Education or the Department of Health.
  • If a child or parent was in contact with a COVID positive person, there must be 10 days of self-isolation, even if there are no symptoms.
  • If a learner or teacher is tested positive, the Health Department and the Education Department will decide which procedures should be followed. The principal and the Governing Body may not decide. The school is usually closed for a day, will be thoroughly sanitised and the school will be opened the following day.
  • If a learner or teacher is tested positive, we will notify the parents immediately.

Our LSL learners need to make constant adjustments due to the current situation around Covid 19. These may have a negative impact on your child’s routine. Please try to keep to your weekly routine. They must go to bed early, get up early and have a good balanced diet. Make sure they read and do their school work every day. Limit screen time and prevent negative conversations. Focus on the positive. Make sure you talk to them about their feelings and worries. If you are concerned please contact our Social Worker, Chrisan van Buuren.

Be assured that your child’s safety is our highest priority. All our inspections have been passed with 100% grades.